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Real-world case studies:  As a leader, what would you have done differently to proactively respond to and manage the Sandusky scandal at Penn State? How would you have handled the sexual abuse case involving Florida State University (FSU) quarterback Jameis Winston, which alleges that police knowingly did not investigate the accusations fully in order to protect the FSU football program? What procedures could you put into place to avoid cases like the 2010 allegations that the academic system for student-athletes at the University of North Carolina was utterly corrupt? These and many other case studies will be used to help you develop critical analysis skills in order to effectively manage—and potentially avoid—situations that can negatively impact an organization's standing in a community, institutional enrollment and alumni support, and cause costly legal and public relations battles.

As close to being in a UConn classroom without being on campus:  The online certificate program is taught by three PhD faculty members, each of whom is a professor in the Department of Educational Leadership at UConn. Drs. Burton, McGarry, and Cooper are preeminent authorities in the field of sport diversity management, sport administration, and athletic leadership, and have developed course content in their related areas of expertise. These are the same faculty who teach on campus at Storrs, CT, so you'll get the same outstanding education as any matriculated UConn graduate student

Learn from the experts who drive the industry:  In addition, we bring in leaders from the sport field to share their experiences. For example, Eli Wolff, Director of the Inclusive Sports Initiative at the Institute for Human Centered Design in Boston and Director of the Sport and Development Project at Brown University is just one renowned leader in the field who has participated as a guest speaker.  This gives you the chance to learn from—and network with—the pioneers on the cutting edge of the sport management industry.

Be exposed to working professionals from around the world:  Our program attracts all kinds of individuals from many backgrounds and with diverse experiences, the majority of whom are already working in their fields. In addition, the courses are structured to provide a great deal of discussion time, giving you unprecedented opportunities to get to know other working professionals and learn about their specific workplace leadership and diversity issues.

Build your career on UConn credentials:  Some past students have used the program as a springboard to develop non-profit sport organizations that strive to empower women athletes or help children from disadvantaged communities. Others have used their new skills to establish training programs to help coaches be more effective and act more ethically. And several students have applied earned credits toward an advanced degree at UConn; just let us know if you are interested in learning more.