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Student Spotlight

Xaimara Cross

Xamaira CrossOverall the EDLR 5360 – Leadership in Sport Organizations course, summer 2014, was a great informational resource for my current career.  I related to many of the topics covered in the course, such as identifying the various leadership styles. Throughout my 8 year career in sports, specifically working for MLB and currently at the NBA, I’ve dealt with many supervisors that have shared different leadership styles.  This course offered insight on how to best address supervisors depending on their leadership styles as well as allowing me to develop strategies to build my own leadership skills. The materials provided throughout the course were great resources as well.  I found them to be great day-to-day talking points that I could share with my colleagues. I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in advancing their leadership skills regardless of what industry they choose to work in.  Dr. Laura Burton was a great asset throughout the course offering feedback and guidance regularly. As a working professional, it is often times difficult to manage and balance your time between work/school/life.  Fortunately, the scheduled coursework was flexible enough which made it possible to complete the tasks without a problem.


Xaimara Coss
Manager – Contract Compliance, Global Merchandise
National Basketball Association